Are you in need of a more flattering, modern, stylish or professional look? Whether you are in the public eye, clueless, or simply too busy, Drake will assist you in creating the image you want your clothing to portray for your lifestyle. You may choose as little or as many services as you like from a one-day shopping excursion to a complete makeover.

Before I begin any service with a client, we sit down for a consultation to discuss the look you want. I ask a series of questions, have your browse online and in magazines to help you formulate your true style.

Keeping your budget in mind, I find the key articles of clothing that your wardrobe is missing in order to create the image you want. We can shop together or I can shop without you and then bring the purchases to your home or office.

I create outfits from your existing wardrobe, new purchases or both. For each look I create for you I take a photo so you won’t forget. I can then put together a portfolio of the photos with instructions on how and when to wear each outfit. The photos will assist you in remembering my suggestions and the portfolio will be a reference for where and when to wear the outfit. I also create a digital lookbook, ranging from clothes to accessories. Digital lookbook range from $55-$350.

I will put together your attire for any special event. This includes, but is not limited to: a holiday party, imperative business meeting, public appearance, New Year’s Eve, work event, a speech, television appearance etc.

For my Big and Tall clients, I help find any size shoes and clothing. I work with a few companies that specialize in Big and Tall services.

I will recommend trusted professionals for a variety of other services you may desire such as: a tailor, barber, personal trainer etc.